We’ve come to the end of the road

As the last day of Frocktober falls upon us, I thought I’d conclude my journey by giving a summary of the month that was.

I signed up for Frocktober thinking it’d be a breeze. 31 days, 31 dresses, could life be any more femininely cliché?

Two days into Frocktober and the dilemma of whether knee length dresses over pants/jeans count as frocks or, whether by virtue of being worn with pants they automatically have their status reduced to tops, surfaced. I took the vote to Twitter and Facebook and the results were divided. There seemed to be a consensus on Twitter that if worn with skinny jeans or tights they were in fact frocks, Facebook suggested this was not the case. As a precaution I decided I’d only wear full-length frocks that reduced my 31 frock stock to 18.

Wearing only full-length frocks and being the sort of person who’s always 20 minutes late meant I tripped over my frock at least once a day, and on more than one occasion fell up the stairs. It sounds difficult to do, but it’s actually not. This led me to the realization that I lack even the tiniest hint of elegance, class or sophistication. The words ‘feminine’ and ‘graceful’ will probably never be used to describe me but ‘clumsy’, ‘awkward’ and ‘uncoordinated’ will continue to be my main descriptors.

I learned that full-length frocks get very wet in the rain and at one point I was so drenched I fancied myself Lizzy Bennett, walking from Longbourn to Netherfield to see Jane. Except Lizzy wasn’t wet, her dress was just a little muddy.

I virtually met with other Frocktoberers and we kept each other going through the unpredictable Sydney weather.

I experienced many a Marilyn Monroe moment, yet due to the aforementioned lack of poise and grace I merely squealed and flashed myself to unsuspecting bystanders. Don’t worry I was always wearing tights.

But most importantly even through every Bridget Jones moment I learned how very generous people are and to date have managed to raise $2440.

A very big thank you to everyone who donated. I’m sure this will go some way to supporting ovarian cancer research. For those of you who haven’t you’ve still got till the end of November, but I do promise to cease the spamming.

Here’s the link http://www.everydayhero.com.au/mehal_krayem