The year that was and the year that will be

by mkrayem

In no uncertain terms 2012 has been the best of my 26 years on this planet. Seems like a big call but if you’ve known me, you’ll know there’s nothing closer to the truth.

2012 was the first time I actively decided not to care what people thought of me and actually succeeded. It was also the year that I learnt to let go. I’ll always be a little high strung, a little nutty and by no means socially conventional but I’ll also be quirky, loving and loyal and that matters more.

Again, I have nothing very original for you but I do have my latest Lip post on the subject of ‘growing up’.

I will be taking a week off between December 25th and January 1st so hopefully I’ll have plenty of time to write Mehallelujah style posts, between all the sleeping/reading/eating and television viewing.

Hope you’ve had a fabulous 2012 and wishing you an even better 2013.
May we all survive tonight’s apocalypse xoxo

If Only I’d Known: Growing up is Like Coming Home

Two weeks out from my 26th birthday and I sit in a crowded Sydney café, watching the rain fall relentlessly and remembering how the looming threat of my 25th birthday a year ago caused me so much anxiety. I felt like a serial underachiever and was convinced that if I’d made nothing of myself by 25 I would never amount to anything. I treated the coming of 25 like an apocalypse; the end of my youth and somehow the end of my life, as if I would suddenly have no pulse at the 11th hour. Ironically, 25 proved to be the year I did the most “growing up”. Perhaps because I had no expectation of what it should bring.

All who have ever done it know growing up is not all it’s cracked up to be. As a child I remember having those frustrating conversations with my parents about why I couldn’t replace the box of muesli bars with a box of Roll Ups even if there was no difference in cost. My mother would tell me there was a cost to my health, which according to her was more valuable than a temporary sugar hit. She might have been right and maybe Type 2 Diabetes isn’t all the rage right now but surely the denial of ‘real fruit, flat out!’ was impinging on my civil liberties?

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