The Fabulous Sohan and Marni

Randomly Fabulous is a new section on Mehallelujah where I have a quick chat to random people I meet through the ins and outs, ups and downs of life. The only criterion is that I happen to think they’re fabulous.

Today I talk briefly to Sohan and Marni.

Sohan used to be a student of mine and thanks to the interwebs she found me on Twitter, which is actually much less awkward than you might expect. I discovered she hosted her own radio show with her equally lovely friend Marni. The two have their own very distinct personalities but they share a comfortable and almost sisterly bond which reminds me a great deal of my friend Shivon and I.

If you close your eyes and imagine twins, then they totally look alike… which is what people used to say about Shivon and I. The cherry on the chocolate icing is clearly our matching initials. Sohan and Marni, Shivon and Mehal, S & M – obviously it was a sign that they were fabulous. Enough of the narcissism. If you think Sohan and Marni are as fabulous as I do then follow them on twitter (@SohanJudge @MarniDixit), like their Facebook page and/or visit their website.


Sohan Kaur Judge

Age: 20

How long have you been hosting your own radio program? 

I started in radio when I was 11 doing a group show with a bunch of other awesome kiddies, but I didn’t get my own show until I was 16 in 2009. I started the show with Marni at the beginning of last year.

You know what’s really freaky? My friend Shivon and I totally tried to contact our local radio station when we were about 15 to get our own show. They still haven’t returned our call. But it’s coming I can feel it. So what is it about radio that really appeals to you? 

It’s like talking to people but without the effort of maintaining eye contact – because who can be bothered anyway? Oh, and music. Me loves playing music.

Justin Bieber is NOT music Sohan. What has been the highlight of your time in radio so far? 

Covering the 2012 ARIAs – I’ve embarrassed myself plenty a time going to the red carpet as a groupie, it was great to actually interview some of my favourite musicians.

For the benefit of all my readers, who inspires you?

DELTA GOODREM! But you knew that already. And of course, my mum and grandmum. Incredible women.

I really did know that. Describe yourself in one word:

I hate these things! I’ll have to go with… Sohan. Because that’s my name. And I’ve never met anyone else with that name so it pretty much alludes to me and me only. (Actually I lie – I did meet someone else with my name. It was during a hockey game and everyone on the other team was yelling out to her, “SOHAN, SOHAN!” It was so freaking confusing I had no idea what was going on. She was Korean, and she spelt it ‘Sohyun’ … pffft).

I describe myself by my name too. We’re all kinds of awesome. What’s your ultimate dream? 

My ultimate dream would have to involve being interviewed on Randomly Fabulous… and look where we are. My life is complete.

You realize I’m no longer responsible for administering your grades right? No amount of flattery will score you a HD now. Tell me something totally random:

When you look at the stars in the sky they’re not actually there. They’ve blown up and died. But the light has taken SO long to travel to Earth that we can see in the past, when they were shining. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?

That was random. Is it true? If you could change anything about the world, what would it be?

Now I feel obliged to say something like end world hunger and end poverty and bring about world peace and make everyone happy. So…. yeah.

We all know what you really want is to be born Delta’s twin, but that’s our little secret. Now to Marni.


Name: Marni Dixit

Age: 20

How long have you been hosting your own radio program?

I was the movie reviewer on Sohan’s show Saturday Vibe for a year and was lucky enough to get to host one day when the regular guy couldn’t make it on short notice so that’s how I got my start. The Sohan and Marni Show started last April, we had been talking about doing the show for a little while and so I was really excited when we actually decided to do it.  Doing a show with two girl co-hosts was a bit worrying for us because we hadn’t seen it happen before, but the response we’ve had so far has been great!

Have I told you how I tried to get my own radio show with my friend Shivon? I did? Oh. What is it about radio that really appeals to you?

The fact that I can wear anything I want! Haha but seriously, I didn’t think that I would fall in love with radio the way that I did.  It’s really great because we can get people in other states involved, we’ve had people call in from interstate and some of our best interviews have been over the phone – you just can’t do that with television, and you connect more with the listeners than you would if it were print.

Admit it you just like to wear those big headphone things. What has been the highlight of your time in radio so far?

Definitely the ARIAs last year. We were so excited when we found out we were going and we prepared heaps of questions for the nominees, but I was so sad when I found out that Russell Brand wouldn’t be doing the red carpet.  Then when we were in the media room he came in to do a press conference with literally five seconds notice! I am a big fan so I just had to ask a question and I got the chance AND HE SAID MY NAME…TWICE!

It’s like a Destiny’s Child song. Who inspires you?

I absolutely love Giuliana Rancic, she worked so hard to get where she is today and has been so successful and genuinely seems really happy.  She is such a positive person and we can all learn a thing or two from her. She’s been through so much in terms of having cancer and trying to have a baby and she just wouldn’t let that situation beat her.  She and her husband Bill always say “tough situations don’t last, but tough people do,” which I think is so true.

Wise words. Describe yourself in one word:

Cray-Cray (that’s craziness at a whole new level for those who don’t know the term)! Describing myself in one word is a little hard, but I think cray-cray could work for me, also I just like saying cray-cray.

When people say cray-cray I think crepe paper with a lobster on it. Mostly… actually entirely because my head is like crepe paper, crayfish, which one? What’s your ultimate dream?

My ultimate dream would be getting to interview my favourite movie stars and musicians, I’m part way there already, I’ve interviewed Russell Brand and some of my favourite Aussie artists so give me a few years and hopefully I’ll get there!

So it’s not this interview? Tell me something totally random:

My sister once had lunch with Ryan Gosling.  True story.

SHUT UP! No way. Actually had lunch? Like food on a plate, in the same place at the same table? Do people even eat in Gosling’s presence? If you could change anything about the world, what would it be?

Well obviously world peace etc. but it would also be really cool to have a magical cure to all of the sickness in the world – like in Vampire Diaries they can just use vampire blood to heal people – that’s so cool!

That would be cool. A little scary but definitely cool. Most importantly where can we tune in to hear you both every week?

AND THE FUN PART! Tuesdays 7-9pm live on the radio on Triple H 100.1FM. Or go online and listen live on our website – If you’re on the go, you can use the Tune-In app on your smartphone. NO EXCUSES!