Sara Saleh- Karaoke Queen

by mkrayem

Day four of Five Days of Fabulous. I’m pretty bummed it’s going to be over soon too, but I promise these last two interviews will blow your pre-occupied minds. Or maybe just entertain you for a few minutes. Which is effectively the same thing.

Lovely lady number four is the beautiful (in every way), Sara Saleh.

Sara and I met two or so years ago while she was undertaking her first Live Below the Line challenge. I feel that this is a really momentous time in our relationship, since just last week she and I (and others) finished living below the line. Cue the violins, release the doves and fight back tears, we’ve come full circle my friends.

I got all starry eyed with admiration for a woman so selfless and having become one of my favourite people, she has proven that first impressions can be extremely accurate.

This interview sums Sara up so nicely. It’s fun, thoughtful and succinct.


Loyal dogs fan – day we beat the Rabbitohs!

Name: For reals bro 😛

Age: 25

Tell us about yourself in 25 words or less. No really I’m just going to cut you off at 25 words.

For starters, questions like this kill me. I’ll spend hours agonising, trying to be different, and then say the same thing I was going to say originally anyway.

I love life, I love seeing the magic in people and I’m an OCD survivor (*insert Oscar acceptance speech voice here*).

That would explain the 79434734 emails regarding this interview. Though I do admire your attention to detail. You describe yourself as an activist. What makes you an activist?

This too is a hard question it forces you to take a long, hard look at yourself and what you’ve achieved (or haven’t achieved).

I think it’s basically about being really passionate about something, and dedicating your time, energy and emotion to that something. In essence, aren’t we all activists?

That’s a really great point. I only recently started seeing what I do as a form of activism but it really shifts your perspective and keeps you grounded and focused when you start to think of things in that way. When did you decide you wanted to ‘activate’ [your almonds]? Ok serious now. When and why did you make the decision that this was the path you wanted to take?

Haha, you know I hate almonds. Zena always eats them for me.

When I was 17 and on a career path as a journalist, I started volunteering with NGOs (for fun/warm fuzzies inside). I realised that like journalism, activism is about giving people a voice and exposing injustices, but it’s also about fighting injustice – so a more ‘kung fu’ version of journalism really!

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting… nope? Just me. You must hear some really horrific stories in your line of work, how do you maintain your sanity?

Those stories are what keep me doing what I’m doing. Most days it’s just hard to pause and let yourself really think about them for fear of what might happen.

When I’m able to take a time out, I love:

– Sunshine – incredible how it just lifts your spirits (damn you end of daylight savings!).

– Bircher muesli dates with The Breakfast Club

– Beating my brothers at nerdy word games

– Awkward Richard Mercer karaoke moments with Heba & Shahd

– Talking to my family & my best friend at the end of the day

– And having countless dreams of one day finding the time to run a bath with lavender oil (one day!!)

You’re the karaoke queen. I still have your attempt to serenade me. And one day I have no doubt I’ll make millions from it. MILLIONS! What do you value most and why?

Faith. Family. Relationships with people. Intelligent conversations. Caffeine. Not necessarily in that order.

The combination of the above give me peace of mind, guidance and assurance to live a good and right life.

PS. I also love Frogs…those that know me know why.

Because they turn into princes when you kiss them? Describe yourself in one word.

Badass! (I really just love saying that).

It’s also hilarious because you’re such a goody-two-shoes. So am I. I’m not judging, so hold the Kung Fu. Favourite song?

One??? Sooo impossible!!

Generally, anything old and jazz-y. These days? Frank Ocean/Ed Sheeran on repeat.

I’m pretty sure you mean Backstreet Boys. Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given

Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but the triumph over it – Dad (loosely plagiarised from Mark Twain)

Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest (13:28) – what Mum says to me.

You make me melt with your sweetness. What are you reading right now?

Three! I just seem to be starting books, not really finishing them.

The Politics of Denial: Israel and the Palestinian Refugee Problem – Nur Masalha (bought during my unforgettable travels to Palestine).

Wuthering Heights – Emily Brontë (it’s a beautiful leather hardback…that is all).

Yasmin Mogahed – Reclaim Your Heart (given to me as a lovely present so I kinda have to read it!).