A day in the life of…

by mkrayem

A few people have been asking why I haven’t written anything lately. The short answer is I’ve been super busy with work and uni and emotions and stuff. The longer answer is below.

I wake up and I’m all – I got this!

I check my emails and I’m all

I get soy instead of skim milk

It’s time to teach

My students deny the existence of racism or sexism or homophobia

My students misuse ‘whom’

I actually open the file entitled ‘PhD draft 2’

I reread the paragraph I worked on yesterday and it makes sense

My supervisor tells me I need to rewrite something I still don’t understand

I forget what my thesis is actually about

I stop caring that I’ve forgotten

Someone reminds me that my life will be better when this is over

And then adds ‘You can finally find a husband’

I remember that it’s been four and a half years since my mind was free from this intellectual strait jacket

I do the only thing I know how