To tie you over

It’s been forever and a day since I last posted. If forever and a day is equal to five weeks. Otherwise it’s just been five weeks.

As cliche as it sounds I’ve been so very busy and a proportionate amount of tired. I have been writing just not for the blog which must devastate you all because what is your life without a regular Mehallelujah update? To remedy my wrong here’s my latest Lip column on why self love is OK… not that sort.

If Only I’d Known: It’s Healthy to Love Yourself

There’s something really daunting about confessions of love, often because their validity seems to rely on the reaction of another. According to almost every girl I know and every “girl bible” ever, you’re never supposed to say I love you first. I have my own, probably controversial opinion about that, which I promise to divulge another time. But the general gist of my thoughts are, own your feelings. All of them. No matter how uncomfortable you might initially find them.

Women so often have their supposed inferiority pointed out to them. We’re constantly shown that we have reason to think we’re not good enough. Whether it’s in the mental comparison we make between ourselves and the model on the front cover of the latest monthly fashion magazine, or internalising the incessant “advice” offered to us within the pages of these magazines that serve as fillers for the abundant range of adverts promoting makeup, fashion and weight loss, we’re forever reminded that we’re likely not good enough.

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